There are a few advanced features you may like to incorporate into your course.

Lecture Videos allows you to customize your course by inserting YouTube video links, either to content you find on YouTube, or to content you have recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Once you navigate to the video on YouTube, insert the URL, title, and add a brief description. Select which chapter the video relates to, and set the order you wish to video to appear, if there are other videos in the same chapter.

When students are in a chapter in the book that has videos associated with it, the “Course Lectures and Videos” link will appear.

You may also insert your own content here.

 If you are comfortable creating PowerPoint slideshows, you can easily turn these into videos you can upload to your YouTube channel. 

You can also record a lecture in the Video Classroom, which we will cover in a few moments.

  When you and your students enter the Video Classroom at your section date and time, you’ll be able to connect remotely, in real time. 

You’ll find standard video conference features like chat, the ability to mute everyone, and sharing your screen.

Students may raise their hand, and when acknowledged, can unmute to ask questions

You may wish to record your video classroom lecture, which you can link to any chapter in your e Book.

Open the options menu to find the Record command. You will need a Drop Box account, which is where your recorded video will be saved.

When you are ready, begin recording. 

When finished, select Stop Recording from the options menu. The recorded video will start transferring to your linked Drop Box account.

When class is over, everyone simply leaves the classroom.

To access your recorded lecture video, log in to your Drop Box account.

Download your video and give it a more relevant name.

If your lecture video is good to go, upload it to your YouTube Channel, 

where you will enter details like title… description… and other settings.

 Once it is uploaded, you have the opportunity to do some simple editing if necessary. 

From your Dashboard, select Lecture Videos. Copy over your YouTube video URL, title . and description and set the chapter.

Now your lecture will appear in the “Course Lectures and Video” area in the ebook, for the chapter you selected.

For any other questions on how to setup or manage your course, please see our Help Desk, where the FAQ’s provide additional resources, or contact our customer service specialist.