Instructors: How to Manage Assessments in BVT Lab Book


Before classes begin, you will need to set up Assessments separately for each section of your course.

For each chapter, you have the option to view the randomly selected questions from the homework bank…

 view the other available questions…

And make any substitutions you might prefer.

Students will be able to view and answer the questions within their reading….

… as well as from their Class tab, where all the questions for a chapter are consolidated.

Students must submit their homework in order for it to be auto-graded. If you selected “immediate feedback” during the course setup, students may check their answers right after they submit their homework;

Otherwise, they may do so after you have closed the homework for that chapter.

If you allowed students to retake homework questions when you set up the course, you likely did not allow immediate feedback, so students won’t have the answers before retaking the homework. Any retakes would need to be completed before the homework closes for a given chapter. If you need to change these course settings after the initial course setup, please contact your customer service representative.


Next, you can manage the availability of the homework. By default, all homework is activated, and set to close on the last day of class, meaning students may submit homework for any chapter, at any time.

You may manually toggle the homework on or off for any chapter, at any time…

Or you may set the date for homework to close, and it will do so automatically, at the very end of the day selected.

While your syllabus would list the deadlines for submitting homework for each chapter, you also have the option to send reminder notifications that will appear in the student’s ebook.


After homework has closed for a chapter, students may no longer answer the questions, but they may be able to view the correct answers as a help in studying for quizzes or exams. 

The Reports tab will give you a qualitative view of how students are doing as they progress throughout the semester. Star ratings approximate each student’s level of interactivity in the course in relation to the rest of the class, so Yellow stars will be on par with what the majority of the class is doing, dark green or red stars will show unusually high or low interactivity. Ratings are given for amount of content read and time spent in the book…….comprehension of the material…… usage of notes and highlights…… answering practice questions…. and graded homework questions.  

The Gradebook shows the quantitative results of the auto-graded homework submitted by students. 

You may view grades as scores, (pause) percentages, (pause) or letter grades…

…sort the students by how well they are ranking for any chapter or overall grade or progress….

…and export the entire gradebook in various formats. The Blackboard format is compatible for importing to your LMS.


For any other questions on how to setup or manage your course, please see our Help Desk, where the FAQ’s provide additional resources, or contact our customer service specialist.