Take advantage of the Attendance feature built into Lab Book (http://www.bvtlabbook.com). First, select the section of your course for which you will be taking attendance,

…and click in to start an Attendance session.

Select an amount of time for students to enter the attendance code. For live classroom sessions, 30 seconds should be adequate; for remote sessions, allow a bit more time for a variety of student abilities or situations.

Your attendance code will be unique to this particular session; you’ll want to communicate the code to students immediately.

 Students will then flip to their Class tab and enter the Attendance code.

You’ll be able to see which students are in class…

 and this data is stored in the Attendance Records.

 If you assigned points for Attendance when you set up your course, you can also view the credit for Attendance within the Grade book.

For any other questions on how to setup or manage your course, please see our Help Desk, where the FAQ’s provide additional resources, or contact our customer service specialist at 18006467782