Once your course and sections are set up, you’ll have access to your classroom dashboard, when you login to http://www.bvtlabbook.com. Select Classroom from your Bookshelf view, or
 select Dashboard from the menu in your upper left corner.

Each section has its own dashboard settings, assignments, gradebook, reports, roster and a unique Join Code. Be sure to convey this code to students by the first day of class, usually noted in your syllabus or welcome email.

The available student resources are activated when your course is created. Depending on your textbook, students will have access to Flashcards, Lecture Slides, Chapter Summaries and Practice Questions.

Any section in the textbook that has key terms in the reading will have Flashcards in the Lab tab.

Students can see the terms or definitions, (pause) shuffle the order, (pause) listen to the pronunciation, (pause) and check off any cards that have been mastered. 

The canned version of the Lecture slides are available to students for each chapter, as a help in reviewing the material. If you have your own lecture slides you would like to make available to students, call our customer service specialist to help make that happen.

Chapter summaries provide another review of course material by section outline. 

Practice questions are related to specific chapter sections. Practice questions are not duplicated in the homework, and offer immediate feedback so students can see if they are on track.   

Each student’s interaction with flashcards, practice questions and homework will be summarized for you in the Roster.

Most ebooks also feature Comprehension questions within the reading; you can gauge a student’s level of interaction for this in their Roster view.  

From the Instructor Controls, you have a variety of options to further set up and customize your course. You will need to activate these settings for each of your Sections.

Course Work is activated to give students access to auto-graded assignments, quizzes and exams.

When you create highlights and notes in your textbook, you have the option to make them visible to your students. 

To make a highlight, click onscreen just before the text and drag your mouse over the text to be emphasized. A tool palette will appear at the top of your screen where you may select a highlight color or insert a note… or both! You may also erase the highlight or delete your note.

If you activate sharing of your Highlights and notes in the Instructor controls in the Dashboard, students will see them within their ebook text.

Lecture Videos and Video Classroom setup are covered in the Advanced Classroom Features video, found in the F-A-Q’s area of the Help Desk.

The Attendance feature is covered in the ‘How to Take Attendance” video.

Setting up and managing Assessments, along with the Gradebook and Reports are covered in the “Assessment Management” video, on the FAQ page in the Help Desk.  You will need to set these up separately for each of your sections.