Instructors: How To Set Up a Course in Lab Book

If you are an instructor and need an account on you will need to contact your sales representative.

Once your account is created, login and enter your classroom from the relevant textbook in your bookshelf.

For your selected textbook, choose “Create or Manage” from the Course menu.

Next, confirm you are creating a new course and enter your course details, including the title, course number and the relevant semester and year, including the start and end dates.

Next, you’ll configure the course Assessments. Please note that there is not a way to edit these selections in the Dashboard once you have finished creating your course here.

 Select auto-graded to use the built-in homework bank.

Choose the number of homework questions you wish to assign for each chapter, along with how you want these questions labelled: Homework, or Extra Credit.

If you would like students to be able to retake assignments, select a number, or leave as none.

Selecting ‘instant feedback’ will allow students to immediately see their graded answers after submitting assignments. If you select ‘no’, the answers will only be revealed after you have closed the homework for a chapter. If you allow retakes of the homework, it is recommended you do not allow instant feedback.

If you would like homework assigned for all chapters, click ‘select all’;  if there are any chapters you will not be covering, deselect that chapter. 

Next, determine if you will make use of the Attendance feature, and if it will be part of the student’s grade.

You may go back and make any changes to the course info, assignments and attendance by using the back link. When the details are complete, finalize the setup by selecting the “Create Course” button.

 You’ll be prompted to create a section; enter a section number and description, such as the date and time the section meets. 

You can create additional sections at any time.

Note the join code listed on your Dashboard; you’ll need to send this code to students by the first day of class, usually noted in your syllabus or welcome email. Each section will have a unique Join code.

The features of your Dashboard are covered in detail in our ‘Section Management’ video, available from the Help menu, when you select F-A-Q’s.