Lab Book: Student Features and Resources


When you log into, your bookshelf is your portal to your ebook and your class. Click the book title or use the ‘open’ button.

The first time you open the ebook, you’ll start at chapter one. On subsequent visits, the book will open where you left off.

The navigation drop down menu quickly lets you jump to any chapter or section.

You may also jump quickly to a specific page...look for the page number in a box in your lower left corner, enter the number you wish to jump to and select GO.

Your Lab Book is loaded with engaging, interactive content. Videos are sprinkled throughout, providing more depth to certain topics. 

Key terms are called out, and will be gathered into flashcards for each chapter, which we will cover in the Lab tab.

When you wish to make a highlight, click onscreen just before the text and drag your mouse over the text to be emphasized. A tool palette will appear at the top of your screen where you may select a highlight color or insert a note… or both! You may also erase the highlight or delete your note.

Comprehension questions may appear at the end of sections or chapters to instantly gauge your grasp of the reading. This quick self test provides you with instant feedback.

Other engaging self assessments may appear, such as critical thinking questions….

Scales and Questionnaires….

and Homework questions, if your instructor has turned on this feature. Homework will be covered in more detail in the Class tab.

From the book view, you can flip to the Lab or the Class tabs for resources that align with the chapter you are in.

In the Lab, Key terms that appear in the book are available here as a study tool. 

Flashcards can be shown by term or definition.

Shuffle the order…

Select the auditory feature to hear the pronunciation, and check off each term as you master it. You can always unhide any terms you wish to review again.

Practice questions correlate to the section and chapter you are in.

You’ll see immediate feedback on the answer you select.

Chapter summaries are another great study tool, giving you an outline of the material, and bullet points of key concepts.

The Class tab also relates to the current chapter showing   in your navigation menu.

Here, you can access Lecture slides

and enter your Video Classroom if your instructor has set one up.

The Homework questions we saw sprinkled throughout the chapter are consolidated here. You can see any questions you answered during the reading, as well as which ones still need to be answered. Once all the questions are answered, you can submit your homework to be graded. You’ll get a chance to confirm your answers before homework is submitted.  After your homework has been graded, if your instructor has allowed retakes, you will be able to see a “Retake Homework” link before the first question in the homework. Simply click this, and the homework questions will be reset so you can answer them again. 

Course Work shows the status of each chapter’s homework questions so you can stay on track with submitting homework for a chapter before it closes.

If your instructor chooses to take attendance, you’ll be given a special code, and this is where you will enter it. You’ll also be given a time limit for entering the attendance code.

If your instructor sends any notifications, such as alerting you when homework is going to be closed, you’ll see the message pop up in your book view, as well as in this Notifications area in the Class tab.

Additional features are available in the menu in the top left corner.

You can view all your Notes and Highlights in one place, and navigate directly to a specific note or highlight from this overview.

History shows what material you have covered in the book, and when you accessed it.

The Search feature has a number of methods you can use to locate a specific subject or term. For the broadest search, select all three methods.

The Index feature helps you quickly locate a specific key term, linking you to the page where it appears.

The Help feature links you to forms where you may submit a support ticket or report an error, and offers an extensive FAQ Help Desk   that offers other video tutorials, as well as answers to the most likely questions you may have. 

If you fill out a support ticket or call the customer support line, our support team can respond quickly during Pacific Time business hours.